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Oahu Premier Picnics is your one-stop-shop for luxurious, beautiful, and relaxing picnics.

Premier Picnics on the Island of Oahu

The Ultimate Picnic Pleasure

Aloha! Oahu Premier Picnics is committed to bringing you a one-of-a-kind experience for your picnic pleasure. We specialize in offering opulent and authentic picnics for those exclusive family and friend occasions or those intimate, romantic dates with that special someone.  

Located in beautiful O’ahu, Hawai’i, we offer a fine dining experience and enchanting food representing this breathtaking island’s culture, values, and traditions. Whether you want a beach or backyard as your perfect picnic set-up, we pride ourselves on providing amazing service and hospitality that will leave your family and friends in awe.

How Our Picnics Work

We celebrate friendship, family, and love with our intimate pop-up picnics.

Choose your Picnic Package!

Find the perfect package that works for you! Customize it with extra add-ons to make your day more special!

Customize Your Special Day!

Select your date, time, and send payment. Customize your special day by giving us a call or sending us an email!

enjoy your Picnic!

We want to give you the best experience and keep you excited and looking forward to your special day! 

Our Picnics Packages

Table for Two


Quality Time with Your Loved Ones

Our ‘Table for Two’ package is perfect for a special picnic with a family, a friend, or special someone. Enjoy one and half hours of quality time with them on this special picnic package.


An Intimate Picnic for Two

Whether date night or a friendly brunch, ‘Table for Two’ is the ideal package for you.


Do it Your Way!

Get a full set-up and a choice of cheese, fruit, or dessert board. Choose from fruit-infused water or iced tea. Enjoy Bluetooth-enabled music, a personalized message board, 3-5 pictures on your device, and a take-home souvenir.

Best Day Ever


Quality Time

Our ‘Best Day Ever’ package is perfect for spending quality time with close friends and living in the moment. The package can entertain up to four people. The package is not recommended for one person. Enjoy two (2) hours of quality time on this special picnic package.


Upgrade Your Picnic Experience

Make your picnic with a loved one more special. This package is an elaborate upgrade to the perfect picnic. Upgrades available include professional photography sessions, expanded menu options, and personal serenades. Make every moment memorable!* There is an additional charge of $35.00 for each guest past 2 (Limit 6)


Customized to Your Taste

Get a full set-up and a cheese and dessert board. You can also have a fruit board as a substitute. Choose from fruit-infused water or iced tea and get one pitcher of complimentary mimosa (OJ or POG). Enjoy your special day with Bluetooth-enabled music, personalized message board, concierge service, 5-10 unedited pictures on your device, and take home souvenirs.

Hawaiian Experience


Quality Time

Indulge for family night or a fun couples experience. Enjoy our premier picnic experience with the full flavor of Hawaii with your loved ones for two (2) hours.


The Perfect Duo or Group Picnic for You

Our ‘Hawaiian Experience’ package is perfect for a special picnic with your family, friends, or special someone. Enjoy the company of your loved ones and get your own Hawaiian experience ideal for two (2) to six (6) people.* There is an additional charge of $35.00 for each guest past 2 (Limit 6)


All the Best Features for You

Get a full set-up and three boards with traditional Hawaiian foods, local specialties, and favorites including fruit, snacks, or desserts. Choose from fruit-infused water or iced tea and get one pitcher of complimentary mimosa (OJ or POG). Enjoy Bluetooth-enabled music, a personalized message board, 5-10 pictures on your device, a welcome message in Olelo, Lei greeting for each guest, concierge services, and a take-home souvenir.

Our Price List

Get your money’s worth in every picnic package we offer!

Customer Reviews

“Awesome experience on such short notice. Friendly, welcoming, and just a good time in general. Thank you, Jamie, for accommodating my wants and needs. I will be sure to recommend OPP to anyone who is looking for your services.”

Terra B

“I had such a great experience. Oahu Premier Picnics is an amazing experience, and I would definitely recommend it to folks looking to celebrate any occasion. Jamie took care of us, and the food was ono! Thank you so much. “

Ryan Tito

“The owner is amazing!!! She is very lovely to both myself & my military spouse. I cannot wait to book a picnic for my son and me for his birthday!!! Thank you, Oahu premier picnics.”

Kristen Reyes

“Thank you for the beautiful experience that I could never recreate if I pulled out all of my creativity. My husband and I will never forget this moment. Your professionalism, unique Hawaiian flare, and cost are genuinely remarkable. I’ll be sure to use you again!”

Paula Major

“Our experience with Jamie was out of this world!!! The rain tried to ruin our "best day ever," but it could not. Everything was so perfect, from the washing station to the setup, and the food was excellent. We had such a great variety of food to choose from on our board. The pillows and blankets were all comfy and clean. I could tell a lot of care had been put into our setup, and I can't wait to book my next date night with Oahu Premier Picnics!”

Zach Hill