A luxury picnic company based in Oahu, Hawaii

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Where will my picnic be held?

Once a booking is complete, within 24hrs you will receive a confirmation email with our service questions and contract. There will be gather information to plan your event such as: you guests names, any allergies or dietary restrictions, if you are celebrating anything special, and what colors you would like your setup in. That where we will begin discussing location as we work with each guest to find the best location to for them.

Do picnic require permits for public spaces?
Yes. We are a fully registered, licensed and insured vendor approved by the State of Hawai’i. We are part of the Wiki Permit system, and we secure all necessary permits for each picnic. We also respect Bill 38 which bans commercial activity on the beach from Makapu’u to Kane’ohe (The A in Kane’ohe should have the line above it). We can only set up on private property in that area. But there are plenty of other locations around the island.
Can you set up a picnic in my backyard, community property, hotel room, or on the military base?

Yes, with prior approval for any community property. We can be sponsored on the bases. For hotel room setups, we do require parking and room access. Please contact us for more info.

Can you perform legal weddings?

Yes. OPP is a licensed officiant for the State of Hawai’i and can perform both legal and symbolic ceremonies.

Do you offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten free options?

Yes. All of our traditional charcuterie boards can be made to accommodate any preferred diet, allergies, or dietary restrictions.

What happens the day of the event?

Your server will arrive at the agreed upon location about an hour before the event. They will text you to let you know they have arrived and are setting up. If needed, they will send a pin providing directions to the location and will send detailed directions to find the setup.

Are pets, babies, and children allowed?

Yes. We love all your friends and family. We have an add on available for your furry friends where we can provide a bed, water/food dishes, toys, and treats. And we welcome children of all ages. Everyone loves fancy Lunchables.

A luxury picnic company based in Oahu, Hawaii

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